Investment in Residential Property a Great Choice?

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The Well-Liked Residential Properties and Their Features

Choosing the right kind of residential property is indeed difficult for all of us. The final selection will depend on our choice and budget. But, when it comes to going for house-hunting, we are presented with a wide variety of residential apartments that often leaves us in confusion. If you are confused or trying to find the perfect home, this article is for you. Here we will talk about several types of residential properties, their pros and cons so that you can know your real estate and make your decision wisely.


The flat is a self-contained living space and a part of a larger building with several similar units. These housing units are usually available in high-rise and low-rise towers and is the most popular residential property in India.


These types of residential properties are most often a one-storeyed house. It is a detached property, usually with a sloped roof. Bungalows are built from scratch and are one of the prime examples of independent living.


These Residential properties are built on two floors, which may have different entry points connected by stairs. This type of house is generally owned and sold by an individual..


Penthouse is located on the topmost floor of an apartment and found in a high-rise building. These types of residential properties contain high-end applications with advanced flooring system and the best amenities. It is considered a symbol of luxury.


Villas are one levelled private structure with shared walls. These are the types of residential properties that are luxurious counterparts of row houses. These are ideal for individuals who appreciate the community living without sharing their place with others.

Row Houses

These are single-family homes that are arranged in rows, with a wall between every two of them.

Abadi Plots

Abadi land refers to plots allotted to farmers as part of the compensation package for the land they gave to the Noida, NCR Authority

Why is Investment in Residential Property a Great Choice?

Real estate is considered an amazing investment option as it has the capacity to generate passive income without attracting the provisions of income tax. Investment in residential properties ensure that your returns are on the higher side in the long term. The value of a residential property increases as time goes by and it is a potent strategy to initiate the accumulation of wealth.

People should be skilful and increase their knowledge on various listings on real estate websites. As investing in residential apartments is a smart way to improve your returns in the real estate market. Residential properties are the prime attraction for big ticket investors and NRIs as it carries a high potential for increased returns with less inherent risk.

Increased and stable rental returns

Rental income has increased the per capita standards of living of a large number of home investors. Apart from leading a peaceful life, house purchasers can earn substantial rental incomes. The house rent market is connected with the economic engine of the country and any economic development will result in increased rents. Thus, in the long term, if you raise the rent amount, the supply of tenants will always be there. Residential spaces in good areas like Noida, Greater Noida, Jewar Airport, Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority / YEIDA are in great demand. The Apartments for sale in Greater Noida have modern amenities which makes it easier to find ideal tenants.

The quality of tenants is important to landlords as high income tenants offer a stable source of income. Residential areas near Greater Noida such as Yamuna Expressway attract financially stable people due to their prime location and provision of highly comfortable living features. Property Near Jewar Airport also is getting good reviews on reputed real estate websites in terms of high civic standards of living and aesthetic interior designs.

The real estate market of Noida, NCR is getting sizable investments with an increase in the number of gated housing projects. High salary people are finding investments in real estate to be the right financial decision in their lives. Purchasing residential apartments in and around the city is thus considered a very good opportunity to enhance life savings and create a protective cover for your long-term finances.


Affordable pricing is the hallmark of residential properties which is increasing the interaction of prospective flat/apartment purchasers. One of the great distinctive features of residential apartments is the lack of a business incentive. Absence of a business motive stabilizes the housing market as builders know that overpricing of apartments will lead to a demand slump.

It is also important to understand how to invest in residential spaces, keeping an eye on future real estate market trends and development of modern infrastructure and transport facilities in the surrounding areas.

Competitive pricing among sellers of apartments also helps in maintaining market growth. Banks are also providing housing loans at attractive interest rates. Government regulations in the form of increased repo rate are seeing an uptick and positive sentiment in the housing market in Noida, Greater Noida, Jewar. NRIs are increasing their investment in buying apartments in these areas as they are affordable and make for a pretty good long term investment after considering inflation.

Hassle free purchase process

Convenience and transparency go hand in hand when considering different factors in purchasing residential apartments in Noida  or any other areas. While commercial property sale requires a lot of bureaucratic processes and legal formalities, buying residential flats and apartments is a common transaction process in the government circles. The state government is also increasing the digitization of records which helps to set up a fraud free framework for the purchase of real estate.

Tax benefits

Residential properties do not require taxation and GST payment. Furthermore, self-employment tax is not applicable for income generated through residential property investments. But to be cautious, make sure that appropriate consultations ( CBPL Homes Agents) are made with tax professionals before going on to make an investment in any property.

Investment in residential properties imbibes a sense of security among purchasers as they are a reliable form of increasing their savings without assuming any risk. Having your own home enhances confidence during catastrophic situations and makes sure that your core investments are protected.

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These days, one of the biggest spoiler of property investment is “project delays”. Though not all delays are due to the builders, but they will always have the onus on them. I hope these ideas will give you some food for thought for your next property purchase. Connect with our Agent/Advisor. We are here to Serve your Professionally. 

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